Study Parties

Students study in a quiet and positive environment with several other children. We will generally have two tutors present at each study party to supervise and assist the students. We will be sure to assign tutors according to the subjects requested by the students: usually math, science, history and language arts. We try to hold at least one study party per month and more during exams. This is a great way to introduce new students to our center. Any current student who brings a friend gets a discounted rate for the study party!

$25 per hour for 2-4 students/tutor

For current students with monthly packages. Is billed by separate invoice or payment due at beginning of the session.

$35 per hour for 2-4 students/tutor

New student rate. Due at the beginning of the session.

Supervised Studying

Academic support and supervised studying are provided as individual study sessions at the PLE Learning Center. We will help your child get organized and coach them in time management skills and good study habits. Tutors are available for questions and support while students learn to study independently in a quiet place.

$40 per hour

Billed by separate invoice.

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