Candace and Sara at the WISER DC Luncheon

Sam, former PLE student

Alex, former PLE tutor

Antonio and Ameed

Anna helping Emily study for the SAT

Antonio and James working together in the Learning Center

Antonio and Garrett study for the SAT

Former PLE Tutor Chuck working with students

Students gather for College Night

Connor likes to use his Time Timer!

Corey gets her schoolbag organized!

Corey gets a little help from her buddy!

James takes a break with his friend!

Jenny and her friend!

Josh working hard!

Mollie graduates from high school!

Ollen with his favorite snack!

Ryan studies for the SAT

Antonio, a law student, tutors students in Spanish, History and English!

Tamika, a medical student, tutors students in Math and Science!

2 of our students enjoying a Study Party!

Trisha journals while listening to quiet music with a good buddy!

Zach graduates from high school!

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