“I have known Candace for several years now and observed all the effort she puts into each person who comes through her door. The state of the art materials and technique used by Candace and her tutors cannot be replicated. She is passionate to ensure that each client acquires life sustaining skill sets.”

–Beth Albaneze (House Calls, LLC)

“PLE tutoring has helped me a great deal. I have gained a new-found confidence in math as well as french, two harder areas of study for me. Thanks so much!”

–A Junior at The Field School

“I got 12 out of 12 on the written part of the ACT thanks to my tutor at PLE.”

–PLE Student

“I want to tell you about my grades. I had a D in Geometry and now I’m getting a B! Since I’ve been coming to PLE, I’ve been handing in my homework and doing better on tests.”

–A Sophomore at Walt Whitman High School

“The kids want to be here. The atmosphere is laid back and every one here is working comfortably.”

–A PLE Tutor

“What I think is working is how it is a one-on-one learning experience. Everyone is very helpful and kind. There are necessary materials on hand every day. They feed you!”

–A Freshman at Walt Whitman High School
after improving her geometry grade by two letters

“Thank you so much for calling regarding Brian’s progress. I am very pleased to let you know that Brian has done a complete 180 in US History. He has become much better focused during class, participating and really becoming an asset to the classroom as a whole. An example is we often play jeopardy as a class for review. Brian teamed up with a classmate to be one team and they were able to answer nearly all of the questions posed and even helped other groups to improve or expand upon their answers. Brian has also greatly improved on the quality of work that he is turning in and he appears to have a new found confidence in himself and education. Brian has earned a B for second quarter. Thank you for all of your help and support of Brian. He is on the path to success.”

–A Walt Whitman High School teacher
regarding a PLE student

“Before we started coming to PLE, I had just about lost all hopes of finding a way to help my son be successful in school. I’d thought I’d tried everything and nothing was working. We’ve only been attending tutoring sessions at PLE for a short time, but already I’m seeing slight improvements. He has a little more self-confidence and is starting to apply himself. I know we still have a long way to go, but PLE has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel. The staff/tutors are delightful, concerned and compassionate. We look forward to our continued progress and growth with PLE by our side.P.S. We love the dogs! And, my son looks forward to seeing them every time he visits.”

–Menyone Bowers, mother of a PLE student

Coach Chaney sent his athletes to PLE from 1996 to 2000. He says: “When I was the Boys’ Basketball coach at The Newport School in Kensington, Maryland, Candy Kopit did a fantastic job tutoring some of our top student-athletes that are now college graduates. She did a great job in making sure they were very organized and prepared for any situation that came up in any class. Without Candy our program would not have been one of the best in the nation. At Newport, academics always come first and our program was fortunate to have her with us.”One of Chris’ athletes, T.J. Thompson, now plays basketball for the George Washington University Colonials. Check out his statistics here.

–Coach Chris Chaney, The Patterson School, NC

“My daughter needed one-on-one tutoring for the ACT and her counselor recommended Eric at PLE, especially for Math. She really enjoyed working with Eric because he is patient, thorough in his explanations, and got to know her as an individual so he could teach her in the most effective way for her learning style. Personally, I was also impressed by how Candace took a truly “hands on” interest in my daughter’s success. My daughter appreciated the personal encouragement and support Candace provided as she studied for the ACT.”

–A Walt Whitman junior’s mother

“My son is at the Lab School in Washington, D.C. and he went to PLE from November through the end of the year. He had one private tutoring session and two or three study sessions a week. The study sessions worked out great because he could be in a quiet and supportive atmosphere and get his work done without any distractions from home. The tutoring was a great experience and now Zach uses the tools he learned for this year.”

–A mother about her son

“We write lists of what I need to do and plan.” To prepare for the PSAT’s Candace Kopit and the student worked on a stepby- step plan to improve her organization. After doing this, the student was happy to say, “I’m usually late, but this time I was on time with everything I needed.”"Talking to my teachers has gotten exponentially better. Last year I was intimidated to talk to them. Then Candace came with me a few times to explain my ADD. As of right now, I am comfortable talking to my teachers on my own. I really like working with Miss Kopit. She is nice and down to earth, not intimidating. I have ADD and we get a lot done. I find that I’m looking forward to coming instead of dreading it!”

–From a Bullis 11th grader

“My daughter has been on the honor roll ever since she studied with Candace Kopit in the sixth grade. Candace provided her with concrete study and organizational skills which have formed the basis for her successful academic achievements for the last five years.”

–From a Bullis Alumni Parent and teacher

“Candace totally changed my son’s demeanor and attitude about learning,” she says. “It’s been a transformation. Before, he was always meeting with failure because of his learning difference. Now it’s, ‘Let’s go, let’s get to Candy’s.’ And he is willing to put in the hours on his homework.”

–A high school sophomore’s mother

“We get so much attention at PLE. It’s grrreat for our self-esteem!”

–Calvin and Jake

“PLE has helped me get my life organized. Before I came to PLE, my grades were in a slump. I had trouble finding assignments and turning them in on time. PLE helped me change all that. Ms. Kopit helped me learn new ways to study and take notes. I also learned important life skills such as time management and organization. To this date, I still use the techniques I learned at PLE. I take time to schedule all my activities and use checklists to keep up with tasks and make sure that I have everything I need, With PLE, I was able to reach my goals and now, thanks to them, my grades are up to their potential and my life is set on track.”And from Katya’s mother: “Katya is helping disabled kids at school right now, successfully using the techniques she learned from you. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Katya.”


“Just wanted to let you know that we are leaving tomorrow for Ian’s graduation from Monarch School on the 19th. The 20th, he starts at University of Montana, Missoula. He is really ready to get this show on the road. He is a completely different kid, and yet, not. Unbelievable. Thank you for the information you shared with me that got this ball rolling. I am very grateful..”

–From a Walt Whitman Alumni’s Parent

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