In a nurturing and encouraging
environment, PLE helps students:

  • Build and sustain motivation/focus
  • Strengthen study skills
  • Complete individual assignments
  • Work on self-advocacy skills

We also offer individual tutoring, small study groups, individual study coaching, SAT-ACT preparation with highly qualified tutors who provide positive reinforcement for student progress.

Students who work with PLE methods have shown remarkable improvement in their grades within a short period of time. In addition, students have exhibited a new willingness to work on their own and enthusiasm about school. References are available from students and families who have benefited from our tutoring and coaching methods.

What should I prepare for my first session at PLE?

Prior to the first session, new students should print, review and prepare the following documents:

Parent Letter: Both new students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) should review this document in detail, sign and return the signed pages.

Bring any information on the student’s current progress in school including contact information for their teachers and counselors.

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